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Turbo Men’s Water Polo Trunks

Turbo men’s water polo trunks are specially designed for professional or amateur water polo practice. 

These are swimsuits designed to be used during training sessions or water polo matches. After more than 50 years of experience, an extremely comfortable pattern has been designed, which adapts perfectly to the body, thus providing comfort and a feeling of lightness.

In this way, water polo swimsuits facilitate mobility in the water, avoiding water drag and allowing faster movement when swimming. 

But without a doubt, Turbo swimsuits are of the best quality, always using the highest quality materials on the market. 

This is what makes them considered the best swimsuits in the world. 


Characteristics of a Turbo water polo swimsuit for men 

A men’s swimsuit suitable for practicing professional water polo needs to be top quality and always with anti-chlorine fabric. The quality of the materials, the suit’s adherence to the body and its ergonomics are fundamental aspects. 

That is why Turbo men’s water polo swimsuits are not only made with the best materials, but also have reinforced seams and a double layer of fabric to promote durability over time. In addition, of course, they are swimsuits designed to be resistant to chlorine and UV rays. 

In this way, the colors maintain their vibrancy for a long time without suffering wear. 


Recommended use of a swimsuit for water polo 

From Turbo, we recommend using the briefs for water polo practice or training swimming. Being perfectly adjusted to the body, it makes it difficult for the water polo player to be grabbed by his rivals, which is something of vital importance. In addition to this, our swimsuits do not drag water during movement, improving the mobility of the man who uses them. This is why they can be used without any problem for swimming or similar water sports. 

In addition, all water polo swimsuits have a full front and back lining and an adjustable drawstring for better adaptability.

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